I wrote a book.

Don’t talk about it….. be about it...

.. because sometimes, just talking about your goal, feels just as good as accomplishing it.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (2017)

I’m so fucking proud of this….

I wrote a book.

There were no posts about “hustling” or “grinding” and no conversations about “the book I’m going to one day write”.

I just sat my ass down every morning, stared at the blank screen, and wrote.


Science shows that talking about your goals makes you less likely to reach them…

Psychologists cal this a “social reality” — talking about your goals brings you satisfaction, which makes you less motivated to reach your goal…

And usually, if you’re talking to friends and family about your big goals, they’re secretly hoping you’ll fail.

Not because they have anything against you, but because they fear that you will become better than them…

I wrote this book in quiet.

Aside from my mentors, I didn’t tell a single soul about this project…

And now it’s done, printed, and in my hands…

I didn’t think about how hard it would be to sell a book or the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing…

I didn’t think about the fact that I’m not a “real writer”, and who would even want to listen to me, let alone 272 pages of me?

I didn’t think about the haters and harsh criticisms that would be coming my way…

And I knew that just achieving this goal would be the start of another one…

Instead of worrying about the “what if” or being paralyzed by the fear of failure or ridicule…

I took action, focused on doing my best work in the present, and wrote a motherfucking book.

And now, the focus is on getting it in your hands…

The book is all about maximizing your happiness, success, and winning the game of life.

It contains 59 short and easy to read “lessons” that contain actionable strategies and “mindset hacks” that you can experiment with today.

These are the things that have helped me overcome some big issues in my own life:




Fear of Failure

Feeling Directionless

Early readers have told me the book is “inspirational”, but you won’t find any fluffy “think positive” and “you can do it” self help mumbo jumbo.

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself:

I know I’m capable of doing more than what I’m doing right now

This book was written for you.


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